Advanced RFID: Poised for Exponential Growth - Textile Services

RFID has been an alternative for textile maintenance companies for at least 20 years. Companies that have successfully implemented RFID have been able to take advantage of it to improve their top lines, bottom lines and provide better service—all with a changing technology.

When asking linen companies about loss, damage and replacement, as well as costs for new business, you get a wide range of values and sometimes wide variances within the same companies. Not every company counts soil. There are companies that use even exchange, delayed even exchange, par levels and a mix of many of these methods.

The fact is that linen is being lost, destroyed, stolen and misplaced at a rapid rate and at a cost of tens of millions of dollars per year, much of it ending up in landfills. No matter what billing and delivery methods are used, no counting system can come close to matching UHF RFID.

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