Angelica - Phoenix Takes Flight - Textile Services

While applying outside expertise to help safeguard employees and hospital clients is helpful, Angelica uses technology in the form of radio frequency identification (RFID) chips in its flatwork to ensure reliable and cost effective distribution of its textiles to clients.

As part of Angelica’s quest for continuous improvement in its linen distribution, the Phoenix plant has “chipped” virtually its entire inventory of flatwork items, such as sheets, with RFID chips. Dust control items and specialty garments are also chipped. Scrubs are next on the list, says Gutierrez [Plant Operations Director]. This technology—coupled with the deployment of Angelica staff to hospital customers to oversee linen departments — has led to significant reductions in losses that have lowered costs and improved service to customers.

Gutierrez says that his experience in Phoenix and other markets is that hospitals tend to overstock linens. “We started about two years ago,” he says of the RFID program, with software and equipment from Positek RFID. “What we saw is the data telling us that hospitals have over 15 par of linen. I can tell you we do nonstandard items, which is the garment items but it’s not scrubs, it’s more like your capes, your specialty gowns that hospitals use. On that, we were seeing that hospitals had up to 25 days on par.” .

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