Blue Chip Service - Textile Rental

Service Uniform markets itself as “Your Right Size Company,” but finding the “right size” solution for its sorting and tracking needs was posing a real challenge. But one company emerged from the search that was able to help.

Positek RFID is seen as one of the industry’s leading RFID providers, but company founder Herb Markman thinks of his business differently. “We are a solution provider,” he says. “RFID is just a means to an end.” For more than a decade, Positek RFID has solved problems for operators, and each project has been unique, says Markman. “We offer certain systems, but each one is tailored to the needs of the individual operator.”

One of those innovations is a sorting system that is aligned in a horseshoe pattern and instructs employees through visual and audio cues which is the correct rail to slide the garment down. However, that setup would not work at Service Uniform.

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