No Holds Barred on Innovation at Halifax - IL Magazine

Halifax is a veteran user of Positek’s RFID and CA Sort for efficiently processing industrial garments. For aprons, use of these systems has enabled those goods to be handled more economically as well, Preston notes. “Because we had some excess capacity in our RFID sorting system on the clean side of the plant, we are actually saving time, as we do not iron the aprons,” he explains. Labor is needed to hang them, but it pales in comparison to the manpower requirement of handling them as flatwork.

To Herb Markman, CEO of Norristown, Pa. based Positek, it’s an example of Halifax’s creative vision. Many companies are inclined to examine their performance statistics and set improvement goals, and when they achieve them with existing technology, they declare these systems healthy and look elsewhere for possible gains. "They’re happy with their performance and they don’t think about what could be," he says.

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