RFID in Linen: It Can Work - Textile Rental

GBS would chip its rental inventory of tablecloths and chair covers, which accounts for between 50%-60% of total volume in the 56,000 sq. ft. Anaheim, CA plant. Implementation also included determining the points within the plant that items would be scanned.

The first scan point is in the soil room, which includes sorting tables with an RFID scanner built in below the table. For RFID-enabled goods, sorting is as simple as running the item across the table, and if the item is chipped, tossing it into the vacuum chute. The system will immediately record the type of item and marry that data with the customer number. Now, GBS knows that customer returned that item.

In addition, Positek has created a “flagging” system that can be used to attach a message to individual items or entire orders. Using this, the company can flag linens if a customer calls from their site to report damaged or faded linens. This helps the company by removing substandard inventory, increasing customer satisfaction. The flags also mark long-overdue goods never returned by the customer. Finally, GBS can also flag items necessary for pending orders, “fast tracking” their processing and increasing inventory turnover.

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