HandCraft's RFID Enabled Bin System - Textile Services

Large quantities of linen textiles for 700-800 healthcare clinic customers are stored in a new distribution center-style bin system at HandCraft Services. The bins are copper-infused antimicrobial plastic which are moved via a shuttle so staff can place textiles into carts to complete customer orders. As visually striking as the bin system is, it is only one element of the efficiency and space savings that HandCraft has gained through its implementation of RFID textile tracking and inventory management.

Keith Nichols, president of HandCraft notes that in the soil area alone, the addition of RFID tags has saved the company at least six full-time employees. The need to control inventory and to apply a “measured management” approach to tracking rental textiles is what led HandCraft’s management team to begin inserting RFID tags in its healthcare uniforms and linens. In an age of rising costs, hospitals and clinics now are more focused than ever on saving money and RFID has helped.

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