Ultra high frequency (UHF) 900 MHz tags packaged for the textile maintenance industry became available in late 2010. The benefit of UHF is extended reading distances and reading speeds. UHF tag antenna design dictates and elongated design for performance. In addition to reading distance and speed the popularity of UHF in supply chain means that more reading solutions are available. All UHF tags supplied by Positek RFID are tested to assure they are suitable and durable for laundry processes in addition to being EPC compliant.

  • UHF tags are Multi-Read ultra high frequency (900 MHz) and EPC Compliant
  • HF tags are Multi-Read high frequency (13.56 MHz) and ISO 15693 Compliant
  • Cost effective even when compared to bar code
  • No line of sight needed
  • Read/Write Capabilities

Fujitsu UHF Tag WT-A522

  • Flexible UHF tags for commercial and industrial textile applications
  • UHF Technology to read thousands of tags quickly and accurately
  • Up to 10 foot reading distance
  • Exceptional durability for washing, drying, dry cleaning, and ironing

View Fujitsu UHF Tag WT-A522 Datasheet


Tagsys RFID Lintrak C UHF Tag


  • Unique and patented concept developed by TAGSYS
  • Small UHF device coupled to a sewed secondary antenna made of an innovative flexible thread
  • Linen or garment: typically 10 foot reading distance

View Tagsys RFID Lintrak C UHF Tag Datasheet