Portals: Patent Pending

Positek RFID’s patent-pending portals are designed to scan thousands of RFID tagged items in seconds. The unique design limits reading outside of the portal and concentrates the signal where it is needed most. We offer three sizes of portals to accommodate everything from a half cart up to a pallet.

Watch our portals in action: Instant Textile Scanning with Positek RFID's UHF Cyclone RFID Portal

Cyclone RFID Portal

Our largest portal, this model is an industrial pass-through portal with automatic doors.


Weight 2000 pounds

Overall Dimensions

Diameter 7'6"
Installed Depth 8'0"
Height 12'0"
Height with Control Box 8'11"
Shipping Height 8'6"

Interior Dimensions

Width 4'0"
Depth 5'8"
Height 6'1"

View the Cyclone RFID Portal Datasheet


Tornado RFID Portal

Our second-largest portal, this model is an industrial mini portal with a manual door.


Weight 1200 pounds

Overall Dimensions

Height 7'6"
Width with Doors Closed 5'10"
Width with Doors Open 8'3"
Depth 6'3"

Interior Dimensions

Width 3'0"
Depth 4'7"
Height 6'1"

View the Tornado RFID Portal Datasheet


Lightning RFID Portal

Our smallest portal, we developed this model to meet the needs of the customers who need an RFID solution that will accommodate a smaller cart of textiles.


Weight 750 pounds

Overall Dimensions

Height with Light 7'5"
Height without Light 6'3"
Width with Doors Closed 4'6"
Width with Doors Open 8'8"
Depth with Doors Closed 5'0"
Total Depth Clearance 6'11"

Interior Dimensions

Width for Cart Wheels 3'0"
Max Interior Width 3'9"
Depth 4'5"
Height 6'0"

View the Lightning RFID Portal Datasheet