CA Sort for Folded Garments

CA Sort for Folded Garments will communicate with your existing route accounting software or TextileTrack to create electronic lots of uniquely identified articles. The lots can be created from a soil count or can be created based on articles recently processed in the plant.

As garments are scanned at your existing first station, an operator moves the garment past an antenna. The computer monitor displays the cart number as well as audibly providing the operator with the number. The maximum number of pieces assigned to an individual cart can be easily controlled.

CA Sort for Folded Garments can perform presort on folded garments, as the garments are folded or while the garments are on hangers. The final sort can be completed by size or by wearer. Garments can be sorted in delivery or reverse-delivery order with no third sort.

Key Benefits of CA Sort for Folded Garments

  • Labor costs are reduced since laundry operators complete the second / final sort with one touch, reducing the number of personnel needed to complete the sorting process.
  • CA Sort for Folded Garments reduces the number of sorts needed to just two allowing your operation to work faster and more efficiently.
  • Since each article is assigned a unique identifier, your route accounting software or TextileTrack will include which specific bulk items are being delivered to a specific account. This provides the ability to charge and collect for loss and damage, ultimately reducing your merchandise costs..