CA Sort for Mats

Automating the sorting and tracking for mats cuts labor costs, increases work output, reduces merchandise costs and dramatically reduces the amount of floor space needed for passive storage of mat inventory.

Existing mats can be retrofit with RFID tags, and new mats can be ordered with the tags already inserted. An antenna reader mounts on your existing mat rollers, so each mat is scanned as it is positioned to be rolled.

Mats can be immediately assigned to a cart for a particular route, reducing the amount of temporary storage space required.

Key Benefits of CA Sort for Mats

  • Handling costs are reduced as mats are easily organized into route carts as they are being rolled, eliminating the need to place each mat into temporary storage and then retrieve it later. Less handling means less labor.
  • About 85 percent of rolled mats are immediately assigned to a route which reduces the amount of space needed to store clean mats and reduces your overall storage costs.
  • Tracking generic and logo mats to the customer enables you to know exactly where your inventory is at all times reducing mat merchandise costs by 50%.
CA Sort for Mats.