WT-A533L Fashion Tag

RFID tags for fashion apparel and accessories

Combat Counterfeiting

The WT-A533L RFID Fashion Tag is the ideal solution to identify original products for the fashion industry that suffers massive losses due to counterfeiting. With the RFID Fashion Tag installed in apparel and accessories, retailers and fashion houses can be confident in the authenticity of their products.

The WT-A533L RFID Fashion Tag is manufactured with transparent materials, which makes it virtually invisible when sewn into clothing or accessories. Measuring only 7-mm by 55-mm by 0.3-mm, the Fashion Tag can easily be sewn into sheer garments, lace, silks, formal wear, T-shirts and accessories. The WT-A533L is designed for permanent installation into high-value fashion apparel and is safe for home washing, dry-cleaning and ironing.

RFID Fashion Tag
wt-a533l datasheet

Data Sheet

WT-A533L Tag

With the WT-A533L installed on fashion items, retailers can rely on RFID for inventory management, enhanced customer service, and counterfeit detection. The low-cost tag is small and transparent, and easily installs in hems, seams or under manufacturer labels. The RFID Fashion Tag inhibits fraud and counterfeiting, and is safe for home washing or dry cleaning.