Take control of your scrub inventory

It provides your staff with the resources they need to deliver quality patient care without distractions


This sleek cabinet eliminates the hassle of loading, folding, and matching scrubs to the appropriate slot.


Badge Access

Secure badge access eliminates unauthorized users from accessing scrubs required for your department. With one simple badge scan, your staff can access scrubs faster than ever! Simply scan your existing facility ID badge, open the door, and take whatever you need. In less than 3 seconds, staff have the freedom to choose whichever size best fits their needs. Need 2 sets, take 2 sets. Need a jacket too, take it!

Ease of Use

With the Positek ScrubUP, linen staff can quickly place folded stacks of uniforms inside our cabinet without extra time folding into small spaces. Capacity exceeding 200 pieces can quickly be stocked in less than 5 minutes.

Efficient Design,
Efficient Cost

ScrubUp is sleek and built to fit in tiny spaces. This allows you to optimize the space in your facility while providing the most convenient access to clinicians, oftentimes right inside their locker rooms. The simplistic design provides automation with durability and minimal moving parts. Fewer moving parts means less cost and minimal maintenance.

ScrubUP: Giving Surgeons and Staff What They Need, When They Need It

Empower your dedicated healthcare personnel with the ScrubUP by Positek. Offer them peace of mind in knowing they are consistently stocked with comfortable garments through the ebbs and flows of an unpredictable day in healthcare.