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Solutions from Positek RFID

Positek RFID has been a leader in the development, implementation, and maintenance of customized RFID solutions that support track, trace, audit and control applications in the world of textile management for more than 20 years. From selecting the right products and designing a bespoke solution to supplying and deploying the application so that it delivers results, we can help any business implement our unique RFID solutions.

CA Sort

Sort hanging inventory twice as fast as a manual sort and with no mistakes while using existing conveyor systems.

Textile Track

Enable new or existing RFID systems to benefit from real-time data through cloud-based technology.

Scrub Management

Take control of your scrub management processes, eliminate errors, and reduce loss associated with scrubs.


UHF RFID tags are designed for simplified attachment, making them ideal for flat linens and garments.


Eliminate errors associated with manual counting and tracking linens and garments through automated, bulk reading.

RFID Tunnel

Designed to bolt on to existing conveyors, the RFID Tunnel makes bulk reading possible where Portals aren’t an option.

Bundle Readers

Folded and Hanging Bundle Readers guarantee accurate delivery, eliminating shortages and mixed bundles.

RFID Hardware

State-of-the-art RFID hardware technology from Positek RFID and our hand-selected partners.

About Us

Solutions from Positek RFID

Positek RFID creates and installs custom-designed laundry management solutions that enable companies to cut labor costs, reduce merchandise costs, eliminate shortages, accurately track, sort and inventory goods, and improve productivity, thereby increasing profitability.

Positek RFID is the most experienced RFID solutions provider to the textile industry

Positek RFID’s tracking technology and solutions are used on a wide variety of products in many industries

Positek RFID’s solutions are currently empowering thousands of businesses throughout the world