CA Sort for Hanging Garments

CA Sort for Hanging Garments will sort hanging inventory twice as fast as a manual sort and with no mistakes – all while utilizing your existing conveyors. Operators can sort more than 1,500 pieces per hour on this easy-to-install, easy-to-learn system.

CA Sort for Hanging Garments will communicate with your existing route accounting software or TextileTrack to create electronic lots of uniquely identified articles. The lots can be created from a soil count or can be created based on articles recently processed in the plant.

As garments are scanned at your existing conveyor, CA Sort for Hanging Garments will sort them into the appropriate lot. As each article is scanned at the sorting station, the operator is notified of the appropriate garment hook by both a screen and voice prompt. CA Sort for Hanging Garments can sort garments by size or by wearer.

Key Benefits of CA Sort for Hanging Garments

  • Installs without major retrofit, using as much of your existing infrastructure as possible.
  • Low-cost solution costs just a fraction of a fully automated conveyor system while still obtaining optimal efficiency.
  • The easy-to-learn system enables you to train any employee in minutes, without lengthy training periods or the need for ongoing supervision.
  • Voice-activated and multi-lingual in order to accommodate workplace diversity.
  • Flexible and accurate sort options eliminate the need for a third sort.
  • Final sorts are at least twice as fast as manual sorts and are free of errors.
  • Use less labor and complete sorting in less time.
  • With a soil count and bundle readers, 100% accurate delivery can be guaranteed to your customers.

View the CA Sort for Hanging Garments Datasheet