Lightning Portal ​

Accurate RFID reading in a convenient portal

Cost-Effective RFID Solution

The Lightning Portal was designed to answer industry demand for a compact, cost-effective RFID portal solution while still providing the same accurate and lightning-fast reading found in larger units. 

Automated reading eliminates read rates that can be affected by employee technique. RFID reading with the Lightning Portal is started with the press of a button and can only begin when the door is closed. A red indicator light illuminates during reading. When reading is complete, the light turns green and the door can be opened. Positek RFID’s software communicates with third-party software packages as well as with the Positek RFID Software suite. The Lightning Portal can be used for both soiled and clean textiles as well as assignment of RFID to new textiles.

Lightning Portal
Lightning DS Preview

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Lightning Portal

The Lightning Portal accommodates a wide variety of laundry carts and reads 1,000 plus tagged items within 10 seconds while isolating reading to inside the portal. The compact, cost-effective unit is designed for rugged use and comes in manual or automatic door configurations for maximum flexibility.