I am writing this letter to share my recent experience in selecting and implementing the Positek CA Sort system into my uniform rental processing facility. Due to the vast amount of time and research spent during my selection process, I believe this letter will serve others in the textile rental industry in helping them to select the proper garment sorting solution.

Due to recent substantial business growth, I came to the realization that I was going to require a more robust automated sort solution for my processing facility. After viewing and researching multiple fully automated garment sort systems, I came to the conclusion that these systems where very cost prohibitive to install. In fact it was very difficult to create any kind of reasonable return on investment with these types of sorting solutions. Additionally, fully automated systems tend to be very complex requiring full time technical management. Finally, fully automated systems create capacity that I would probably never fully utilize.

This is where Positek’s CA Sort comes in. Utilizing UHF RFID technology, Positek’s CA Sort was the perfect sorting solution for multiple reasons. First, Positek’s soil portal efficiently and instantly tracks all incoming soiled garments. Using this soil data, it then accurately sorts and verifies all outgoing garments. This means complete and accurate garment bundles for our customers. This technology has also created a huge differentiation factor for our sales department when they are selling new business. In recent months we have been able to close additional business by demonstrating this technology.

Additionally, Positek’s CA Sort instantly improved our garment sort productivity by almost 50 percent. The system is very user friendly which makes it very easy to train new employees. It also requires little technical oversight. Best of all, we will easily be able to increase sorting capacity by simply adding additional user stations as future needs arise.

Finally, Positek’s CA sort system created a very affordable sorting solution in comparison to fully automated sort systems. In fact, I am currently realizing an 18 month return on investment which was better than initially anticipated.

Positek’s CA Sort system was the perfect solution for Model Uniforms. It is easy to use but powerful enough to fulfill my garment sorting needs well into the future.

– Joe LaCarte, President, Model Uniform, Charleroi, PA

Now that we know what mats are sent out and on what route we don’t have the problem of drivers returning clean mats as soil. We have been able to reduce the number of pounds of mats we wash.

– Positek RFID Customer

  • Recovered Approximately 2,500 Mats From Excess Inventory In Customers Facilities
  • 1 Person Processes 1,400 Mats Daily
  • Mat Replacement Cost 2%

– Fred Gorman, President, Gorman Uniform, Houston, TX

We were able to increase the number of routes from 19 to 22 by marketing the benefits of RFID.

– Positek RFID Customer

  • Recovered half a tractor trailer of mats from excess inventory in customer facilities the first year
  • Saved $30k in mat purchases in 2nd year

– David Ziker, Owner, Ziker Uniforms, South Bend, IN

We added four routes due to the benefits of RFID.

– Positek RFID Customer

  • Medico’s best investment in 2006
  • With CA Sort, we’ve minimized labor and improved accuracy with employee accountability

– Bradley Shames, President, Medico Professional Linen Service, Los Angeles, CA

Our drivers no longer determine where to deliver mats and where not to. Every mat is accounted for every day. We no longer have inventory at our customers and on the trucks.

– Positek RFID Customer

  • Chipped all aprons with a daily volume of approximately 2,000
  • Recovered 20,000 overstocked white aprons in customer locations
  • Reduced weekly apron poundage 40% while increasing revenue
  • Shut down an apron press line
  • Eliminated apron rewash

– Preston McElhaney, President, Halifax Linen Service, Roanoke Rapids, NC

We have been able to increase our loss charges due to the ability to track uniforms.

– Positek RFID Customer

  • Merchandise cost reduced from 20% to 14% in 1 year
  • Dramatic increase in loss charges collected
  • Measured customer satisfaction up 20%

– Brian Lechner, Owner, Lechner & Sons, Mt. Prospect, IL

Our uniform merchandise cost went from 20% to 14%.

– Positek RFID Customer

Technology-wise, servicing the mix that we do it’s a little difficult, that’s why we’ve gone with RFID, and we’ve gone with the auto-sorting on the mat system. We’ve installed technology for monitoring productivity. It allows us to do a good job of managing the company and thereby manage the future growth of the company.

– Brad Dudley, President, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Rapid City, SD

We reduced our sorting labor from 7 people to 4 people.

– Positek RFID Customer

I attended a cost group meeting last week. We compared replacement costs for dust as well as other items. I was proud to report Belmont’s replacement percentage was less than zero for the 52 week year, net of loss and damages. That has been our goal. The RFID system allowed us to attain it.

– Bob Samble, Owner, Belmont Laundry, Inc., Springfield, MA

We increased our used mat inventory by 20% or more by pulling mats off the street.

– Positek RFID Customer

  • Loss charges increased from $1,000 to $2,000 per week
  • Guarantee 100% delivery of garments picked up previous delivery
  • Route sales people greatly improved attitude and relationship with customers
  • Size changes / decreases / quits / repair orders more accurate
  • 2 people now sort and assemble 8,500 garments per day

– Mike Phelps, President, Phelps, Muscatine, IA

Mat load out is so simple that we no longer need a supervisor to perform that function.

– Positek RFID Customer

  • Double digit growth factor to 1,300 mats daily
  • Reduced 1 person from clean mat processing
  • Did not purchase a new mat for 11 months

– Wes Sights, President and COO, Sitex, Henderson, KY

We didn’t purchase a standard mat for 11 months due to improved tracking.

– Positek RFID Customer

We installed the CA Mat Sort and Track Program over 2 years ago.

  • Our merchandise cost dropped from 8% of sales to 2% the first year and has leveled off at 4% since then
  • During this period our mat revenue has increased by 15%
  • We have decreased our mat sorting labor by approximately 30%
  • This is one of the best investments we have made

– Tom Grasser, President, White Way, Wallingford, CT

We cannot remember the last time we lost a customer to poor service. By counting soil in and clean out we guarantee 100% accurate delivery of uniforms.

– Positek RFID Customer

  • Now able to identify and charge for losses and damages with credible documentation
  • Significant reduction in merchandise cost
  • Order fulfillment much faster as item location is documented
  • Reduced headcount in soil sort from 7 to 2 people

– Tony Poploskie, Vice President, RFID in Linen, Anaheim, CA

The space we needed to store mats decreased by 500 square feet.

– Positek RFID Customer

Installed RF in sterile pack textiles in 10 plants. Productive head count was reduced from 870 to 841, a reduction of 39 people or 4.5%.

– SRI Surgical

The quality of mats in service increased dramatically because we could afford to scrap questionable mats with the excess inventory.

– Positek RFID Customer

We were able to increase our volume and cut one route by moving the soil count from the driver to the plant.

– Positek RFID Customer

We were able to reduce the space needed to sort uniforms by 2000 square feet.

– Positek RFID Customer

We were able to take more than 50 garment accounts from National Chains in three years.

– Positek RFID Customer

We are able to have prospects include the ability to prove mat deliveries into their RFQ.

– Positek RFID Customer

Before RFID we just traded business with our competitors at renewal time. Now we keep our customers and add new ones.

– Positek RFID Customer

We have been able to pull excess garment inventory off the street.

– Positek RFID Customer