Bundle Readers

Folded and Hanging Bundle Readers guarantee accurate delivery – essentially eliminating shortages and mixed bundles.

Positek RFID’s Bundle Reader and CA Verification Software gives you the confidence that you are returning the correct garments to each wearer. The software compares what was read at the first scanning station in your system to what is in each clean bundle ready for delivery to the customer. If the bundle is complete and contains the proper garments “Order Complete” is displayed on the monitor. If there is a discrepancy it is reflected on the monitor so it can be addressed.

With ISO compliant multi-read, high frequency (13.56MHz) technology it is possible to read an entire bundle at once. ISO compliance allows you to read nearly any ISO 15693 high frequency tag making it a safe investment. A bundle with 11 pieces can be read in less than five seconds. The operator simply moves the bundle to the reader. If the order is complete it moves on. If it is incomplete or over the operator is notified and a discrepancy ticket is produced to assist in correcting the issue.

Productivity at the bundle reader is approximately 3,000 pieces per hour, including the processing of bundles with discrepancies and moving them out.

Bundle Reader