Scrub Management Solutions

Reduce scrub loss and
improve your bottom line

Scrub cabinets from Positek RFID allow healthcare facilities to reduce scrub loss by accurately and efficiently tracking scrub distribution, identify high usage areas, and reduce PAR level for scrubs. This allows healthcare facilities to redeploy labor to more important areas while eliminating loss and improving overall bottom line.

Automatic Laundry Storage Cabinet and Return Unit

Our scrub cabinets are equipped with an integrated access card reader to allow the user to operate the cabinet without having to first seek out a central operating terminal. The cabinet was designed to fit easily into any factory building, changing room or hallway. As each cabinet is equipped with its own “intelligent” control system, the modular design makes it possible to add or remove cabinets as needed. Immediately following removal of scrubs, UHF readers update inventory figures.

The return station has about 50 pounds of laundry capacity and was designed to fit easily into any available space. Once successfully identified, the return flap is enabled to allow the user to insert items of soiled laundry. An integrated UHF reader identifies the laundry and transmits the data to the ERP systems or HIS system. That means you are quickly provided with an overview of available, issued and returned items of laundry.