Choosing the Right RFID Reading Solution for Your Laundry Facility

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For industrial laundries to make the most out of an RFID-powered inventory management system, it’s essential that the right RFID systems be used. With the variety of readers available for commercial operations, deciding which is best for your facility can be challenging. This article will help laundry owners and managers choose the best RFID solutions for their facilities.

Types of RFID Systems for Industrial Laundries

The following types of RFID systems are ideal for laundry facilities. For more information and specific models, learn all about them in the links below.

UHF Tunnel
Bundle Readers
Bundle Readers
RFID antenna

Portal RFID scanners are particularly useful for processing lines that utilize laundry cart and sling bags. They work by reading the contents of carts and bags in bulk within 10 seconds of entering the reader. With Three different models to choose from, there are plenty of creative ways to implement them effectively. 


If conveyor belts are the go-to method of product movement throughout your facility, there’s no better reader than an RFID Tunnel. Easily integrated into any conveyor system, a tunnel RFID reader combines efficiency and convenience in an accurate and reliable, package. More about Tunnel RFID Readers here.

Bundle Readers and Tabletops

Perhaps the most versatile and efficient RFID reader for laundry facilities is the bundle reader. Used in conjunction with most processing, bundle, or rail transport lines, the bundle reader can be implemented without modifying the line itself. Simply situate the reader on the line in an area it can sense materials passing by. When they move through, they’re recorded! More on Bundle RFID Readers here.


For those times when RFID-tagged materials need to be read one at a time or in small batches, handheld RFID readers are the perfect solution. Laundry staff can utilize handheld RFID readers to track inventory while it’s still in storage, being sorted, or going through the wash process. Learn more about Handheld RFID Readers here.

How to Determine the Best RFID Scanner For Your Laundry

Every laundry facility is unique, and no single scanner is ideal for all of them. Depending on how your facility intakes and moves materials around for processing and loading. Deciding the best RFID scanner requires the consideration of several factors:

  • Item Type
  • Volume
  • Facility Layout
  • Processing Methods

Here’s how these factors should affect your decision:

Item Types

Uniforms, linen, and mats all require specific methods of transportation around a facility.

Uniforms can be read in bulk, on a line, or on a rail system. Linen is typically sorted by type and batch manually or automatically and moved to the next stage. Mats may need to be read individually or in small batches according to their size and weight.


If your laundry processes a high volume of materials, you’ll want an RFID system that can handle those numbers quickly and efficiently. Portals, tunnels, and bundle readers are all equipped to handle RFID-tagged materials in high volumes.

Facility Layout

Your facility’s layout will play a significant role in which RFID scanner is best for you. If space is limited, an RFID bundle reader may be your best option. If your facility uses carts or slings to move RFID-tagged laundry around, a portal RFID system might be most effective.

Processing Methods

The specific processing methods your facility uses will also affect which RFID solution is best for you. If you have a conveyor belt system in place, a tunnel RFID reader is can be an effective option. If a lot of inter-facility transportation takes place in carts, then a portal RFID reader is ideal. For items in storage, a handheld RFID reader will be very helpful.

Positek RFID Is Ready to Help You Find the Perfect RFID Scanner for Your Facility

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