CA Sort for Garments

Sort, count, transport and weigh uniforms, coveralls, hospital gowns, scrubs, aprons, sheets, towels and more – with 100% accuracy! CA Sort reduces the labor and square footage needed to sort while giving you the benefits of full inventory control with RFID.

In the time it typically takes just to sort soil, CA Sort for Garments will sort, count, weigh, and transfer soiled items for cleaning.

Benefits of CA Sort

  • Assure 100% delivery
  • Reduce customer complaints
  • Eliminate shortages – the top industry complaint
  • Reduce floor space needed
  • Reduce plant labor cost and staff required for sorting
  • Reduce merchandise cost by 20%
  • Bill accurately for loss or damage with data driven proof
  • Seamlessly and accurately pull back inventory
  • Increase revenue
CA Sort for Garments