Jet Stream

Read up to 500 items in 10 seconds in pass-through design

Walk-Through RFID Portal

The demand for an open, walk-through portal led to the introduction of Positek’s RFID Jet Stream Portal. The patent-pending design limits reading to inside the portal and provides fast, highly accurate reading while saving valuable time associated with opening and closing portal doors.

The elimination of doors allows for uninterrupted flow within the plant. Visual cues provide the operator an indication of how quickly the cart can be moved through the Jet Stream Portal, and if it needs to stop based upon the number of tagged items in the cart. These visual cues provide for the ability to deliver highly accurate and consistent reading. The Jet Stream Portal can be used for both soiled and clean textiles, and to assign RFID to new textiles.

Jet Stream Portal
Jet Stream DS Preview

Data Sheet

Jet Stream Portal

The Jet Stream Portal features an open design to improve process flow and save time. It accommodates a wide variety of laundry cart shapes and sizes, while reading up to 500 tagged items within 10 seconds. The Jet Stream Portal is designed for rugged use while maximizing flexibility on the floor.