Wave Station

Error free scanning and increased productivity

Double the Speed of Manual Sorting

The Wave Station harnesses the power of RFID to replace manual sorting at twice the speed, and with no mistakes.

Providing unparalleled convenience and flexibility, the Wave Station offers quick and easy installation while accommodating pole and floor mounting options. The user-friendly design enables seamless training for new employees in mere minutes, ensuring swift integration into workflow processes. Perfectly sized to fit between sorting rails, the Wave Station optimizes space utilization without sacrificing functionality. Units are fully integrated with Positek RFID’s software suite or can be easily integrated into existing third-party software.

Wave Station
Wave Station datasheet

Data Sheet

Wave Station

Enhance operations and streamline inventory management effortlessly. The Wave Station features two unique models for maximum flexibility: the Single Read UHF and the Dual Read (UHF/HF). Operators are guided by voice prompts and on-screen notifications to place items on the correct hook during scanning. Simplified installation does not require extensive retrofitting.