WT-A533 Linen Tag​

Enable bulk reading of hundreds of items simultaneous

Improve textile asset tracking

The WT-A533 RFID Linen Tag enables businesses to read hundreds of tagged items in a single pass. Inventory management can be performed accurately and easily by reading multiple tags simultaneously.

Businesses can take advantage of the ultra-rugged Fujitsu WT-A533 flexible and washable RFID tags to manage their textile, linen and garment assets. Combining the efficiency of check-at-once inventory management with the extended range and accuracy of state-of-the-art UHF tag technology, customers will greatly improve receiving, shipping, and tracking assets while keep their costs low by improving workflow and efficiency.

WTA533 Linen Tag
wta533 datasheet

Data Sheet

WT-A533 Tag

The WT-A533 RFID Linen Tag features UHF technology for a more than six-foot reading distance. The tag’s non-magnetic construction makes it suitable for hospital use, and it is durable enough to withstand high-pressure extractors up to 60 bar. With the WT-A533 RFID tag, laundries will greatly improve linen and garment processing with near 100 percent accurate reading.