Complete RFID Systems, Solutions and Integration for the Textile Maintenance Industry

Don’t lose market share to better-equipped competitors. Work smarter, faster and more accurately with inventory tracking and process improvements from Positek RFID, North America’s leading RFID solutions provider to textile service businesses.



  • 100% textile inventory tracking
  • Reduce the costs of your current garment or linen program
  • Desktop and handheld options available
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CA Sort For Garments

  • Assure 100% delivery and eliminate shortages
  • Reduce floor space and labor costs
  • Reduce merchandise cost by 20%
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CA Sort for Mats

  • Organize mats into route carts when rolling
  • Reduce handling and storage costs
  • Know where inventory is at all times
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RFID Reading Solutions

  • Scan thousands of RFID tagged items in seconds with Positek RFID portals
  • Read an entire bundle in seconds using our bundle readers
  • Isolate RFID reading to a conveyor belt with our tunnel readers
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RFID Hardware and Tags

  • The exceptionally durable Fujitsu tag
  • Innovative Impinj Speedway readers
  • State-of-the-art handheld readers
  • Multiple options for high-performance antennas
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Positek RFID News

  • TRSA Clean Show 2017, June 4-8,
  • TRSA Healthcare Conference, November 30, 2016
  • TRSA Production Summit, October 26-27, 2016
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