How RFID Management Systems Streamline Industrial Laundry Operations

RFID management systems laundry

Professionally sourced RFID management systems improve the efficiency of industrial laundry operations in many ways. From accurate inventory count and maintenance to loss prevention and customer benefits, laundries have much to gain from RFID. This article will discuss how RFID management systems streamline industrial laundry operations and improve their profitability.

Benefits of RFID Product Management Systems in Laundry Facilities

A professionally sourced and installed RFID system removes several obstacles keeping laundries from optimizing operations and profitability. Here’s what they can do, and what obstacles they can eliminate:

Improved Inventory Count and Management

The most upfront benefit of RFID is improved delivery accuracy and inventory management. Each linen or garment item containing an RFID tag can be scanned at multiple intake and output points, as well as throughout the facility. This ensures near 100% accuracy of deliveries as well as enabling state-of-the-art inventory management. RFID solutions can help reduce merchandise costs and identify pinch points throughout the facility. 

Computer-Assisted Routing Throughout a Facility

After sorting, garments and linen have places to go. RFID readers set up at strategic points in the processing line can expedite critical routing giving you more visibility in your processes.

Ensure Proper Care of Garments and Linen

Scanning RFID tags at touchpoints throughout the laundering process allows for better quality and care control. Laundry staff can verify which items have or have not been through certain processes, ensuring that every order achieves customer satisfaction. Additionally, this data allows for greater supply understanding, itemization, and management of wear-and-tear for various items, allowing for more proactive maintenance.

Track and Pinpoint Linen and Garment Loss

Linen and garment loss is a challenging and expensive problem, particularly for healthcare linen service providers, where loss costs on average $840 million per year.

One of its biggest challenges is determining where and when items go missing. RFID product management systems show at what stage of processing or delivery the garment became lost. This allows laundries more precise information and control over pick-up and delivery processes previously invisible.

Improved Customer Experience

One of the biggest beneficiaries of RFID product management are customers. RFID-enabled laundries can know the precise location of every order at any given time. This allows for better communication with customers about when to expect their orders.

Additionally, it allows for 100% order accuracy, which customers appreciate as much as your customer service team.

In Summary

RFID management systems are a valuable addition to any laundry operation, big or small. From streamlining workflow to preventing loss and ensuring customer satisfaction, RFID brings many benefits to the table. They

  • Improve delivery accuracy
  • Streamline inventory management
  • Reduce merchandise costs
  • Reduce loss
  • Provide accurate loss detail against routes
  • Help track inventory information
  • Ensure proper care of items
  • Better the customer experience

If you’re looking for ways to improve your laundry’s efficiency and profitability, RFID is a great place to start.

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