Positek RFID Announces Partnership with 2Trace and Deister Electronic

Scrub cabinet solution

Positek RFID is pleased to announce their partnership with 2Trace of Denmark and Deister Electronics of Germany.  The strategic partnership will give Positek RFID’s customers new solutions to increase productivity, save space, become more efficient, reduce merchandise costs, and better serve their customers.

2Trace provides SmartGarment, a world-class asset-tracking solution, which extends visibility of assets to the customers of textile maintenance companies.  That visibility provides the opportunity to better understand the custody of textiles, how they are used, and the cycle time at each step while at the customer.  Data is provided in a simple and intuitive manner.  SmartGarment is used by some of the largest laundries and hospitals in Europe.

Deister Electronic provides several RFID dispensing solutions including textag, a scrub dispensing cabinet.  The simple design allows a user to access the cabinet with their ID card and no other user interface.  After the user takes their RFID-tagged scrubs the door closes, and the cabinet takes inventory assigning custody of those pieces to that user.  When the RFID-tagged scrubs are deposited in the return cabinet the user receives credit for that return.

The pooling of these three companies’ products and resources is indicative of Positek RFID’s history of working with other companies to offer innovative new solutions to the Textile Maintenance Industry.  For more information contact Positek RFID at or visit